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Q11. I’m an overseas Chinese student with a visitor visa and mediated by the Overseas Community Affairs Council to be granted permission to study at a senior high school, junior high school, or elementary school in Taiwan.

  • If you hold an extendable visitor visa with duration of stay more than 60 days, have been approved to be an overseas Chinese student by the Overseas Community Affairs Council, and have been assigned by competent education authorities to a senior high school, junior high school, or elementary school, you may submit the following documents at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or the Central Taiwan Office, Southern Taiwan Office, Eastern Taiwan Office or Southwestern Taiwan Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convert your visitor visa into a resident visa:
  1. A passport still valid for more than six months with empty pages. And copies of basic-data page of passport are also required. 
  2. A properly completed visa application form. You need to first access the website https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw to fill out application form online and print it out with the bar code.You must sign the form to confirm that the information you have provided is true.
  3. Two 2"x2" photographs. *Photographs must be taken within the last six months, in color and with a white-color background.
  4. The approval letter issued by the Overseas Community Affairs Council.
  5. The official letter of assignment or recommendation to a school issued by the Ministry of Education or a relevant city or county government.
  6. The enrollment certificate issued by the school (e.g. student I.D. with registration stamp on it).
  7. A document signed by a person residing in Taiwan in which he or she agrees to be your legal guardian. This document must be notarized by a court or notary public in Taiwan.
  8. A transcript of complete family household registration of the legal guardian in Taiwan issued within the past three months.
  9. Diploma of your highest level of education and related academic records. These must be authenticated by an ROC overseas mission. 
  10. A health certificate issued within the past three months either by one of the recommended local hospitals (list attached) or by a licensed foreign hospital or clinic.
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