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About us 

About us

Course Itroduction

Course features

       It is a formal Chinese language course for long-term intensive study, and short-term experience is also available.

      "Small class teaching, face-to-face interactive learning between teachers and students, and all teaching in Chinese.

      "There are 4 levels from basic to advanced.

       Use Orthographic characters and the Pinyin system.

      "The course includes regular cultural visits and group activities.

       It is taught by professional Chinese teachers of the center, and all of them are native speakers of Taiwan..

Learning target

All-round learning of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The basic class focuses on developing the ability of oral conversation; the intermediate class and above gradually strengthen the writing ability, master the written language, and increase the teaching materials of ideology, culture and news and current affairs.

Number class

10~15 people

Time course

Monday ~ Friday
3 hours a day ,15 hours a week


It is mainly based on the "Times Chinese" series co-edited by major Chinese language centers in Taiwan, and the progress is 1 lesson per week. (*See below for course grading with texwbook table).


Room 519, Administration Building, Teaching Area, Taipei City University of Science and Technology.

※The center reserves the right to make changes to the course arrangement at all levels and to adjust the class.

The Center does not utilize human intermediaries for recruitment. If you are interested in enrolling in Chinese language courses, please contact the staff directly at our center.

Tuition Fee

*Textbooks not included






NT$ 11,000


NT$ 40,000


NT$ 15,000


NT$ 46,000


NT$ 21,000


NT$ 68,000


NT$ 26,800

Application Rules


Application rules

Take "month" as the unit.

Application deadline

Visa required: 2 months before the course start date.

No visa required: 2 weeks before the course start date.

Short-term experience

A minimum of 1 month is required. It is not possible to apply for an admission permit and a visa to study Chinese.

Long-term experience

If you do not need to apply for a visa to study Chinese, such as those with special visas, dependent visas, and working holiday visas, you can apply for the course directly during your stay.

Those who need to apply for a Chinese study visa, please apply for a 1-semester (=11 weeks) course, apply to the center for an "Admission Permit", and then go through the relevant procedures according to the regulations.

Documents required to apply for an admission permit

Proof of financial resources (above US$2,500)
Graduation certificate of the highest degree
Diploma of the highest degree
Proof of language proficiency (Vietnamese students only)


Insurance Description

Students who apply for 1 semester (=11 weeks) will be covered by "Physical Injury Insurance" at no additional charge.

All school students who are between the age of 15 and under the age of 50 can additionally purchase the "accidental injury + hospitalization medical treatment" insurance at their own expense, which is NT$500 per month (subject to risk assessment by the insurance company).

Refund method

In accordance with the Ministry of Education's "Measures for the Promotion of Education in Colleges and Above": 3. No
1.90% of tuition will be refunded before the start of the semester
50% of the tuition fee will be refunded if the semester dose not reach 1/3 of the semester.
No refund will be given for more than 1/3 of the semester at the beginning of the semester.

4. After being notified that it is illegal work or other illegal or illegal and can't continue to study as a student, no refund will be given.

Note: If the students of the center successfully apply for a degree in the school, the refund of the center's course fees will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Students who meet the above-mentioned refund qualifications need to present their "Student ID Card" and "Payment Receipt" in person, and provide other documents as the case may be, and go to the counter to go through the refund procedures in person. The center will notify the students within two weeks after the approval. Pick it up in person at the counter, or remit the money to the account designated by the student. Other fees are non-refundable.

※The remittance fee and the exchange rate difference on the day will be borne by the students themselves