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The Mandarin Chinese Language Center is a special department of TPCU providing a platform for foreign students to learn Mandarin Chinese on campus. In addition to modern hardware equipment, the Center is equipped with strictly selected, purposely trained and well-qualified faculty. Foreign students with different backgrounds will be provided with an diversified learning environment and an appropriate program to learn Mandarin Chinese. It is expected that foreign students learning in this Center will have the access to Chinese Language and Culture pleasantly at  minimum cost.

The Center offers different programs to students with different levels of proficiency in the target language – Mandarin Chinese, which include the basic, the intermediate, the high intermediate and the advanced classes. The basic class starts from pronunciation to words and sentences practices. The intermediate class starts from reinforcing standard pronunciation to reading newspapers and magazines. The high intermediate class starts from discussions, question and answer drills to high-level conversations for students’ ability in communication in miscellaneous occasions.  Through skillful and engaging instruction, the seasoned instructors of the Center will also tactfully pass the philosophy embedded in Chinese culture to inspire foreign students to get to know more about the Chinese and the Chinese culture as well.

Foreign students interested or in need may make a request for one to one instruction. Through direct dialogues with the instructor, the student will be encouraged to ask and answer questions and the instructor will initiate some sort of discussions to guide the student to use the target language properly and fluently without hesitation.  As a result, the student’s Chinese language proficiency will be improved rapidly.  For after-class practices, foreign students are most welcome to make the best use of the audio and video equipment on campus to enhance their language skills.

All foreign students having registered to learn Mandarin Chinese in this Center are encouraged to share with us how they feel about this Center and let us know their suggestions as well, including the instruction manners, the instruction environment and the living support as well. Please kindly contact with the Center or the instructors if necessary without any delay. All precious opinions or constructive suggestions will definitely be valued by the Center and the Institute to meet all learners’ needs and expectations.